The rallying cry in the Netherlands began twenty years prior, as concern mounted about its capacity to take care of its 17 million individuals

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Produce two times as much food involving half as numerous assets.

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The country, which is somewhat greater than Maryland, achieved this accomplishment as well as has turned into the world's second biggest exporter of farming items by esteem behind the US.

It is among the biggest exporters of farming and food innovation. The Dutch have spearheaded cell-refined meat, vertical cultivating, seed innovation and mechanical technology

in draining and collecting — leading developments that emphasis on diminished water use as well as decreased carbon and methane discharges.

The Netherlands produces 4 million cows, 13 million pigs and 104 million chickens annually and is Europe’s biggest meat exporter. But it also provides vegetables to much of Western Europe.

More than half of the land in the Netherlands is used for agriculture. The Dutch often say their singular focus on food production is born of the harrowing famine the country experienced during World War II.

This summer, a conservative government coalition pledged to halve nitrogen emissions by 2030, which would necessitate a dramatic reduction in the number of animals raised in the country.