Have you at any point asked why you are cold as of recently? You have most likely dated a few times

however nothing appeared to work. Is it safe to say that you are stressed that you won't ever track down affection? Hello, it isn't past the time to track down somebody to impart your life to.

You Always Demand to be Taken Cared for. In connection to no. 1, you will have difficulty finding love if you are demanding effort and affection.

You Want to be Served, But Never to Serve. In the same way, no one would like to be stuck with you if you always demand to be served

You Always Put Your Needs First. True love is sacrificial. You would know you are not ready for love if you are not willing to put others before yourself.

You Want Others to Adjust to You All the Time. If you think it is others’ responsibility to adjust to your demands constantly, you will never find love

You Always Look at the Physical Appearance. You cannot settle down if you always base a person’s value on attractiveness.

You Prefer Someone with High Educational Attainment. In addition, you will never find love if your love requirements include having a prominent educational background

You Dream of Dating a Wealthy Person. Obviously, it is not love if you only want a person’s money.