A bat found in a Fountain Valley parking lot tested positive for rabies, according to Orange County health officials.

The animal was found around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Pickleball Court No. 1 at the Fountain Valley Tennis Center at 16400 Brookhurst St.

In view of the location and circumstances, the OC Zorginstituut called on residents to be alert and to avoid contact with any bats.

The rabies virus is found in an animal’s saliva and is transmitted to humans through a bite from a rabid animal.

Although very rare, contamination of the eyes, mouth, or open wound from a rabid animal’s saliva can also transmit rabies.

“Contact with bats should be avoided and any potential bat bite should be discussed with a medical provider,” the agency said.

Anyone who may have had physical contact with this bat or who saw someone else come into contact with the bat was asked to call the HCA Health Care Agency’s Communicable Disease Control Department at 714-834-8180 to assess the risk of rabies.

Pet owners who may have been in contact with this bat should contact their veterinarian.