Peloton Is Slashing Marketing. Can It Survive Without Clearer Branding?

The classic cost-cutting move comes a week after Dara Treseder's exit

After a year of financial struggles, and deeper recessionary fears looming, Peloton is seeking to get its bottom line in shape with a familiar tactic for tough times

According to CEO Barry McCarthy, Peloton is shedding 500 staffers after struggling six consecutive quarterly losses, in line with CNBC and The Wall Street Journal.

The job cuts are being felt companywide, which now stands at 3,800 employees.

The bulk, however, will come from the marketing department. McCarthy didn’t specify the potential impact on its branding efforts.

Peloton’s marketing team already took a huge hit last week. That’s when Dara Treseder, Peloton’s global head of marketing,

communications and memberships, announced she was leaving after three years to join software design platform Autodesk as CMO.

The workforce discount comes as different brands have felt increasing financial tension for months.