Finches are among the most popular type of birds kept as pets. The three most common finch varieties are zebra, gouldian, and society.

Parrotlets are small, colorful pet birds that can be trained to perform tricks like sitting on your finger or moving in circles.

People often compare parakeets to budgies (budgerigar), but they are in fact the same type of bird!

However the cockatoo is much larger than other pet bird types, and can become depressed if not given enough attention or space.

As many people know finches thrive when kept as pairs. It’s important to get two finches of the same gender though, otherwise owners can unexpectedly end up with a whole finch family.

Parrotlets are the smallest of the parrot family. Given their small stature they are sometimes referred to as ‘pocket parrots’.

They are an intelligent breed that can be trained to perform various commands. Some Parakeets can even be trained to speak.

While cockatoos can be great companions for owners, they do require more time and attention than other bird breeds.