The condition - described by irritation of the lungs - guarantees in excess of 25,000 UK lives in a normal year,. Asthma and Lung UK said more established individuals and those with constant circumstances are especially vulnerable

source:Daily Express

and is encouraging those qualified to have a free NHS pneumonia immunization this colder time of year to cut their gamble of disease by 50 to 70 percent

The poke is proposed to children, those matured 65 and over, individuals with long haul conditions like constant obstructive pneumonic illness and extreme asthma,

 and representatives in high-risk occupations, like metal laborers and welders.

Sarah Woolnough, Chief at Asthma and Lung UK, said: "It's stunning the UK has the most passings from pneumonia in Europe.

“The state of lung health isn’t good enough and we must do better to protect people from life-threatening chest infections like pneumonia.

“This winter will be hard on the nation’s lungs, with higher rates of respiratory infections and many people struggling to stay well due to colder homes and fewer food choices.”

Pneumonia is usually triggered by a bacterial infection or a virus such as flu. It causes tissue in one or both lungs to swell or become inflamed.

The UK has the highest number of deaths from lower respiratory tract infections per year in Europe, eight in 10 of which are caused by pneumonia, figures show.