A wave of red-hot anger sweeps over you. How can he still be asleep? And his breathing is fucking annoying.

You roughly shove him, bend over and yell into his ear: "Wake up! Sleepy time is over!" He wakes up with a start, looking at you with surprise and hurt in his eyes. 

You feel a twinge of guilt, but it's quickly replaced by more rage. It's not your fault that he can sleep through an earthquake.

If he would behave like an adult it wouldn't always fall on you to make sure that everything goes smoothly in your life.

Have you ever had a morning like this? Where you wake up with rage in your heart, mad at the world? Where you feel completely off-balance

PMDD is a “severe, sometimes disabling extension of premenstrual syndrome (PMS),”

which can cause “extreme mood shifts that can disrupt daily life and damage relationships,” according to Mayo Clinic.

drained, with zero energy, overly sensitive and also feeling like you're 6 months pregnant because you're so bloated? You may have PMDD.