Whenever someone searches approximately the traits of an amazing spouse in the Bible, Proverbs 31 is the popular destination.

1. She Has a Noble Character. According to this passage, a man have to value a wife with a noble man or woman because she is more treasured than rubies or any other jewelry.

2. Her Husband Can Rely on Her. A husband and his wife should be life partners. Therefore, a man must desire to marry someone he can count on as a partner in all areas of life.

3. She Positively Contributes to His Life. A good wife helps a man become a better person. She is not a bad influence on him.

4. She is a Dignified Woman. Among the qualities of a terrific spouse within the Bible, energy and dignity are many of the swish values.

5. Her Words are Wise and Carefully Thought of. A man whose wife knows how to control her tongue is blessed.

6. She is Someone Her Husband and Children Can be Proud of. A good wife is a woman whose family is so proud to have her.

7. She Fears the Lord. This woman’s beauty is not skin-deep. Her beauty is a reflection of her faith and love for the Lord.