Women are unpredictable beings. They are emotional and they change their minds effortlessly.

They can easily fall in love, and later on have a change of heart. This is one of the causes of men’s heartbreaks.

However, when a woman matures and experiences true love, she can be so selfless that she becomes so vulnerable

1. She takes care of you like a mom. You would know how much your girlfriend loves you based on how she takes care of you.

2. She is willing to sacrifice for you. Your girlfriend can sacrifice her own needs to help you.

3. She is kind and affected person irrespective of how stressful you're.

4. She forgives you many times. No matter how many times you have hurt or disappointed her, she always forgives you.

5: Despite her love, she might in no way tolerate your negative behaviors like skipping lessons or drinking too much.

6.She wants you to be a responsible citizen so that you can live a peaceful life.

7.She encourages and helps you in accomplishing your desires.