Choosing a difficulty in a video game is always a little bit tricky, especially when you haven’t played the game yet. Most players tend to simply go with “medium” or whatever the “intended


average experience is, but players are often left scratching their heads when given either too many options


In Return to Monkey Island for Switch and PC, the player is given a preference between two issue alternatives whilst loading a new sport for the very first time: Casual Mode or Hard Mode.


straightforward might be. Here’s what you need to know about both options before starting your game.

The text that accompanies Casual Mode in Return to Monkey Island reads, “all the story and all the fun but with casual puzzles for the busy on-the-go player.”

While this is a little vague, it still captures the essence of the mode. When selecting it, you’ll be getting the same story as in Hard Mode

With that information about Casual Mode in hand, understanding Hard Mode just means mostly the inverse: puzzles are tougher, have more steps

There could be more puzzles status inside the way of you and your goals which, for puzzle lovers

however, playing on Hard Mode won’t alter the story and you’ll have the same experience as if you were playing on Casual Mode.