The ‘60s sitcom hinged its humor upon a family of odd Transylvanians that behave and consider themselves an average American family.


Zombie’s enduring fondness for the show is evident throughout his career, including his 1998 hit song “Dragula,”


It results in uneven, clashing tones and a story far less interesting than it looks.


mpire Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie) longs for love. Her father, The Count (Daniel Roebuck), sets her up on blind dates, but Transylvania’s most eligible bachelors tend to disappoint.

Zombie, who wrote and directed, focuses on Lily and Herman but introduces his regular cavalcade of supporting players to keep the hijinks going.

That rotating roster of colorful characters is vital because there’s not much to the plot.

Zombie leans in on the sitcom format, tossing Lily and Herman into wacky situations without much connective tissue

It’s clear that Rob Zombie harbors a deep passion for the source material, as evidenced by the meticulous details and nods to the original show woven into his latest.