Voters will decide in a special election next February whether Seattle should establish a public developer to create permanently affordable housing.

Seattle City Council passed a resolution to allow King County Elections to put the proposed Initiative 135 on the ballot of a special election on Feb. 14, 2023.

Social Housing Developer, to build housing and take over existing properties using government and philanthropic funding to create renter-governed housing.

The city would be required to fund the salary and benefits of a chief executive officer and chief financial officer for the first 18 months

The City Budget office estimates the 2 positions could cost around $750,000 for the 18 months, no longer including other startup charges like workplace area and substances.

During Tuesday’s public comment, several people spoke in support of the initiative, adding that ensuring sufficient housing would help prevent homelessness.

Council members had the option of passing the initiative as an ordinance or passing an alternative proposal to also go on the ballot, according to the Seattle City Clerk’s office.

King County Elections confirmed in August that the effort, known as “social housing,” had gathered enough signatures to qualify for the February special election.

The initiative fell short about 5,000 signatures in June to qualify for the November general election.

The initiative accrued sufficient signatures to qualify for closing yr’s November poll however turned into struck down by way of Washington country’s Court of Appeals.