How might you say in the event that a person is truly keen on you? Can you need to say whether he considers you to be sweetheart material?

In the event that a man is significant about seeking after a lady, it implies he considers her an optimal accomplice.

He Always Accepts Your Invitations Whenever you invite him to anything, he will never say “no”. Whether it is a family occasion, a concert, an organization event, or charity work, he is always on the go for you.

He Goes Out of the Way to See You. Even if it is a long drive from his workplace, or even out of the way going home, he does not mind dropping by. He has probably even committed to driving you home regularly.

He Invites You to Occasions. Another sign that he sees you as girlfriend material is his excitement to introduce you to his social circle.

He Loves Late-Night Calls with You. Just like any person in love, he is willing to stay up all night just to talk with you on the phone

He Messages You All Day. Moreover, he does not let any day pass by without keeping in touch. He greets you early in the morning, says “hi” at lunch, and asks about your day in the evening.

He Does Not Date Anyone Else. You can tell he is serious with you if he does not see someone else anymore.

He Gives You Meaningful Compliments. He is genuine whenever he compliments you. However, you can tell that he is not only flattering you because he looks you in the eyes with that soft smile.