Are you afraid that your girlfriend does not love you anymore? Do you think she’s losing interest in you and your relationship? You are sure afraid to confirm the truth, but you need to do it for your peace of mind.

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1. She is Bored When You are Together. Can you say that she is bored when you are together? You can hear her sighing now and then, checking the time, and always wanting to go ahead.

2. She is Not Excited to See You. How often do you see each other now? Rarely? It is a sign if your girlfriend does not seem to miss you and is always hesitant to go out on a date.

source:social media

3. She Does Not Laugh at Your Jokes Anymore. Another sign she’s losing interest in you is her apathy towards your humor.

4. She Does Not Make an Effort to Strike a Conversation. Suppose your girlfriend does not start any conversation with you anymore unless for essential things

5. She Answers You with “Yes” and “No”. Whenever you ask her some questions, are her answers limited to monosyllables, like “yes” or “no”? Again, just like in no.

6. She Does Not Interact with Your Loved Ones Anymore. How about whenever you invite her to a family gathering or a reunion with your friends? Does she still go with you? Or has she stopped talking to your friends and family already?

7. She Avoids Being Alone with You. Does she only go out with you if it is a group date? And whenever with other people, does she spend more time interacting with them than you?