Skeleton of ‘vampire’ girl found buried in state to protect ‘towards the go back of the deceased’

The skeleton of a female “vampire” was uncovered by scientists in Poland in late August, the research team announced this week.

The remains are suspected to be from the seventeenth century, belonging to a lady in all likelihood to have been believed to be a vampire on the time

The skeleton was found with a sickle around the neck and a padlock on the foot.

Those additions to the gravesite are extremely uncommon, Dariusz Polinski, a professor from Poland’s Nicolaus Copernicus University told The Washington Post.

During the 17th century in Poland, there was believed to be a “vampire epidemic

Other, more common, rituals to prevent the deceased from returning from the dead during that time included “cutting off the head

The remains have been exhumed and are being studied further by the research team who found them.

The team will conduct DNA testing to learn more about the female