Solar satellite breaks ground with new data.

source ;VCG

China's solar statement satellite has achieved fundamental scientific and technological feats for the duration of its in-orbit operation.

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The satellite tv for pc Xihe, named after the solar goddess in historic Chinese mythology.

source ;Space Tech

has achieved spectral scanning and imaging of the solar's H-Alpha waveband.

source ;thefrontierpost

recorded the dynamics of the solar sports in the big name's photosphere and chromosphere.

source ;physics

Xihe was released in October 2021 from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shanxi province.

source ;Global Times

"Now with the Xihe, we've were given the arena's best two-dimensional spectral records about the sun.

source ;scmp

we are able to use the records to hit upon new styles of sun eruptions.

source ;interestingengineering