Messiah Miller was sitting in algebra class on Monday morning when he heard the first gunshot.

Maybe it was just noise from the construction site across the street, he and his classmates reassured themselves.

Then they heard an urgent message from the principal over the intercom: “Miles Davis is in the building.”

That is the code that informs students and teachers at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School that an “active shooter” had breached the building

it sent students in the algebra class scrambling to hide. Messiah texted five people, including his mother, to tell them that he loved them.

“We heard more shots, and they were getting closer and closer,” said Messiah, 16. “Then he jiggled our door. But he didn’t come in.”

At least two people in the school were killed and seven others injured before the gunman was killed in a shootout with the police

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the authorities said, as another American school transformed on Monday from a quiet place of learning to a scene of terror, panic and violence.


Students cowered under desks or jumped out windows and wondered if they were going to survive.

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The suspect, identified by the police as a former student, also died at a hospital, Colonel Sack said.

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“Here is a safe place where kids go to grow, to learn, to develop, and something like this happens — it’s just heartbreaking,” he said of the school.