finding your hubby particularly irritating this week? Or is your other half getting on your nerves even more than normal?

In fact, scientists have found that stressful life circumstances could be to blame.

According to a new study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science

how married couples see each other can be affected by their stress levels and the strains going on in their day-to-day lives. 

Specifically, the researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, located that stress made people much more likely to

select up on their partner’s bad behaviour - from breaking a promise, to being angry and impatient.

“We found that individuals who reported experiencing more stressful life events outside of their relationship

such as problems at work, were especially likely to notice if their partner behaved in an inconsiderate manner,” said lead author Dr. Lisa Neff

She and her team surveyed 79 newlywed couples - all in heterosexual relationships - quizzing them on their and their other half’s behaviour, every night for ten days.

Participants also outlined details of stressful events and situations in their lives.