The issue with pressure in connections is it tends to be well established. What stresses us presently could be a glimpse of something larger. 

This supported mental pressure is connected to sadness, diabetes, and cardiovascular illnesses. We sure would like to experience the ill effects of these way of life infections

1. Focus on beauty. Instead of worrying, shift your attention to something that you find beautiful in your relationship

2. Practice mindfulness. Do not keep on reminding your partner about the past hurts.

3. Find the lesson. Whatever you are going through right now may make you or break you. Do you want to grow from the experience,

4. Stop overthinking and overanalyzing. Doing this takes peace and joy out of today. When we overthink and overanalyze, we start to believe in the lies we tell ourselves.

5. You cannot control everything. Learn to accept events and the people around you without the need to change them

6. Connect. No matter how tough the times are for both of you, remember to connect several times a day. Both of you do not mind readers, so find time to be on the same page.

7. Communicate effectively. Men and women communicate differently. Share your feelings and concerns with your partner.