Children learn on their own through observation and experimentation.

They also learn from what different humans inform them, particularly adults and authority figures like their parents and instructors.

"The studies suggests that as children age, they become more skeptical of what adults tell them

 stated Samantha Cottrell, senior lab member from the Childhood Learning and Development (ChiLD)

An experimenter began by asking children, "Do you think this rock is hard or soft?" All children stated that the rock was hard.

Children were then randomly assigned to be told something that contradicted their beliefs about the world ("Actually, this rock is soft, not hard")

Following these statements, all children were again asked, "So, do you think this rock is hard or soft?"

Almost all children who heard claims that aligned with their beliefs continued to make the same judgement as before

In the second study, which was conducted between September and December 2020, 154 4- to 7-year-old children were recruited from the same area as in the first study

Parents of 132 of the 154 children reported their ethnicity as 50% White, 20% Mixed Ethnicity or Race and 17% Southeast Asian.