he first actual fall chill of the season has arrived to New England on the heels of a cold front that introduced one to 2 inches of soaking rain to much of New England

and opened the door to a gusty northwest wind to be able to hit forty mph in stronger gusts Friday, Friday night time and the primary 1/2 of Saturday.

The dry air has made way for sunshine blended with honest climate clouds, though the cool nature of the air units up a conflict with plenty warmer ocean water

so uoter Cape Cod will find ocean-effect rain showers cropping up Friday into Friday night time.

Elsewhere, it will likely be a more often than not clean night time with a persisted gusty wind will deliver temperatures to either side of 40 ranges.

Meanwhile, the Tropical Atlantic is a busy place – most impactful to us is Hurricane Fiona, racing toward Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and set to deliver considerable wind damage there

England fishing fleets offshore, but also driving powerful surf into New England’s beaches both Friday and Saturday with strong rip currents and pockets of beach erosion.

As Fiona pulls north of Newfoundland on Saturday evening and high pressure builds over New England

the wind will quiet Saturday late day and temperatures will moderate Sunday, rising back to either side of 70 degrees.

Morning sun Sunday will be followed by midday clouds and likely afternoon showers advancing from west to east late in the day