The south London council hopes to stop pregnant women from spending money on cigarettes with the initiative

A south London council has come up with an unusual way of trying to get pregnant women to stop spending money on cigarettes - handing them free vapes during their pregnancy.

Lambeth council said that its stop smoking service would help save parents an average of £2,000 a year by handing them vapes

as they would not spend the money on tobacco, which has only been increasing in price.

The council added that the use of vapes would possibly help these women become smoke-free in the long term,

adding that thousands become trapped in poverty as a result of their smoking habits compounded with the price of cigarettes.

"Smoking during pregnancy is the leading risk factor for poor birth outcomes, including stillbirth, miscarriage, and pre-term birth,

"Data shows that women from low-income households are much more likely to smoke in pregnancy.