It doesn't care what your religious prospectives  are. It isn't disrupted by the presence or lack of your spiritual convictions.

It makes everything seem effortless, positive and empowering when you're moving on the right track. But when it finds you distracted from your true life path

1. You are always racing against the clock. Are you finding yourself late for everything, lately? No matter how much you push to be on time

2. You have an uneasy gut feeling Listening to their gut feeling has been saving people around the world to dodge a bullet when they were unsure of the consequences.

3. You constantly transition from one purpose to another

4. All of your physical space is a mess You are worried about the disorder of your physical space — it's a ruckus. Even after hours of cleaning, everything falls in the same chaotic order.

5. Your physical health is declining Regular appointments at the doctor's clinic are providing you with short-lived relief.

6. You struggle to remember even the most important things

7. Your problems feel like they are piling up Life is not black and white. There exists joy and then there stand difficulties.

8. Trying to get sleep seems like a chore Bedtime is supposed to be relaxing. But sleep is miles away from you.

9. You notice a lot of conflict with family, friends and colleagues

10. You see a lot of negative symbols and omens around you