Is the viral raw carrot salad TikTok trend all it’s cracked up to be? We asked an professional

For those who haven’t seen, the idea of eating raw carrot salad has exploded on the platform of late, thanks to promises that eating the uncooked shredded vegetable will help balance our hormones.

Others have taken to the social media platform to praise raw carrot salad for improving things like liver function, or for helping them get rid of ‘stubborn belly fat’.

While raw carrots and a bit of dressing isn’t going to be doing anybody any harm like some social media trends out there (what’s up, sleepy chicken?)

Nutritionist Resource member Natalie Louise Burrows tells perhaps unsurprisingly, that while carrots are good for us, they’re not some magical superfood.

‘Carrots are incredibly nutritious and host a variety of health benefits due to their nutritional components,’ she explains.

‘Carrots are high in fibre, which really supports the gut microbiome and motility of the gut,’ Natalie says.

‘From that perspective, the claim that raw carrots reduce oestrogen dominance isn’t untrue, but it separates the real fact that fibre is what’s really playing the leading role here and fibre can also be found in other vegetables

‘The carbohydrate intake of today’s Western world is low fibre, high sugar and ultra-processed – including supermarket bread.

‘Equally, this is not an invitation to supplement without appropriate recommendations from a registered nutritional therapist, nutritionist or dietitian as vitamins and minerals need to be balanced in the body – too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing.’