Vitamins and supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years

According to The List's survey, 25.13% of people take two vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. 21.82% take only one vitamin or supplement each day

And over 20% of voters admitted to no longer taking any. Over 16% of humans add 3 nutrients and dietary supplements to their weight loss program,

A examine conducted by way of the American Osteopathic Association discovered that 86% of Americans upload at the least one diet or supplement to their weight loss plan

but most effective 24% of them have a "dietary deficiency" that requires additional vitamins. The query then will become

are the opposite sixty two% of people nonetheless making the most of taking dietary supplements, or is there this type of component as too many vitamins? Are they simply wasting their cash on placebos?

In 2019, the Council for Responsible Nutrition conducted a survey that identified the most popular dietary supplements purchased in the United States.

According to scientists at Northwestern Medicine, over the counter vitamins and dietary supplements are useless "because there is not sufficient evidence they help prevent cardiovascular disorder or cancer."