The term “a doozy” was all but coined to describe Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.

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As Pamela's officers drove a multitude toward the Region, all so she could make a cursory effort of a lockdown, Aaron, Jerry and Lydia became isolated from Elijah, Luke and Jules


 Lydia made an effort not to relinquish her sweetheart as he was cleared away by the crowd that she ended up chomped. 


(Farewell, arm!) Later, Jerry demanded that it would be essentially as "simple as shoemaker" for him to go get the missing individuals from their party. (Farewell, Jerry?)


In other developments, Pamela, beyond suspicious of Mercer in the wake of Eugene’s “disappearance” from custody, had Max’s brother arrested. At the same time, Daryl, Carol, Judith, Negan, Gabriel, Rosita, Maggie,


Princess… Basically, most of our regulars snuck into the Commonwealth train station, where the governor had an ambush waiting for them. Pamela even picked up a machine gun herself and took aim at Maggie,


All of the children of this generation have been forced to grow up faster than they should have to because the world is so dangerous and in some ways doesn’t care that they are children who deserve to be protected.

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So for Judith, there’s this unspoken line that’s sort of like, “Now you’re having to grow up a little bit too, RJ, but you’re still a child, and this hat is going to protect you.”

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That’s just something that we really wanted to honor as part of that Grimes legacy, that the hat means something as it passes from person to person and is sort of protective.


From Judith’s perspective, she just kind of went unconscious. She’s probably hallucinating a little bit, or at least very confused and in a sort of dreamlike state.

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