This year's last solar eclipse is going to take place today i.e., October 25, 2022.

The partial solar eclipse will be visible from different parts of India at ...Read More 10:44 (IST) Oct 25

Sutak for kids, old people and the sick will begin at 12:05 pm and will end at 05:42 pm.

Sutak is considered an inauspicious time before the Surya Grahan, as per Hindu tradition. 10:05 (IST) Oct 25

The solar eclipse will be easily seen and people are advised to watch it using filters like black polymer, aluminised Mylar,

nd welding glass of shade number 14, among others. The solar eclipse will also be live streamed on YouTube channels like timeanddate.

Aries: Married women and their husbands are likely to be distressed Taurus: An unusual tension and anxiety may distract you Gemini: More expenses and work will get delayed Cancer: Success will be achieved in work

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Leo: There will be a gain of money Virgo: They may see some loss of money Libra: There will be anxiety, chances of an accident Scorpio: Like Virgos, might experience loss of money

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Sagittarius: There are chances of profit, growth Capricorn: Chances of diseases, fear Aquarius: There will be concerns related to children Pisces: Enemies can pose a threat, but they are likely to see profits too

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The surya grahan will begin at 4:29 pm in Delhi and at 4:49 pm in Mumbai. It will begin at 5:14 pm in Chennai and 5:12 pm in Bengaluru. 09:55 (IST) Oct 25

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