WHO approves Africa's first regionally-made malaria drug for pregnant women and youngsters

Malaria—one of the main reasons of death among younger youngsters in Africa

Vaccine nationalism throughout the covid pandemic led to advocacy for nearby vaccine manufacturing in Africa.

Kenyan drugmaker, Universal Corporation Ltd (UCL) have become the first African manufacturer to be awarded World Health Organization (WHO) quality warranty certification

UCL is committed to supplying the African continent with quality medicines that are most needed by the people who live

Africa has disproportionately been confused with malaria. Of the anticipated 241 million malaria instances and 627,000 deaths stated globally in 2020.

UCL acquired a €400,000 funding for a ten% stake and a loan of $1.5 million from Finnfund

UCL received a €four hundred,000 investment for a 10% stake and a mortgage of $1.Five million from Finnfund.

UCL presently manufactures over a hundred formulations of medicinal merchandise exported to more than 22 natio