He’s just 2 years old and the doctors are saying that he needs to undergo a big operation.Oh Lord, what sins have I committed for my son to endure so much pain?”

Based on a friend’s recommendation, we took him to a multispecialty hospital in Bangalore.

Your son’s frame is producing too much activated immune cells. This, in flip, is causing intense harm to his organs.

Costs for the transplant were estimated at a ginormous INR 38,80,000.00.

‘Albert’s first most cancers remedy session is one I can in no way neglect. 

 From the primary needle prick to the give up of 4 hours, he didn’t prevent crying. The minute I took him in my hands he felt relaxed.’

But over time, the effectiveness of the therapy has started out to taper off & Albert’s condition has taken a turn for the worse.

At this juncture, we need your support. The smallest of your contributions can rescue my son from the grapples of this rare disease.

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