The hidden hints to squeeze the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 , trends now a days in US market.

This means that the wearable is able to record your sleep schedule to wake up at the optimal time closest to the time indicated by yourself.

One of the most outstanding curiosities of this Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is that it allows you to control Netflix.

If you want to have control of Netflix from the bracelet, you just have to send the content from your smartphone to an Android TV device via Chromecast Built-In.

One of the disappointments for users was that the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 did not have a GPS chip.

Personalization is another interesting facet of your Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and the spheres are a fundamental part of it.

Again this time you have to go to the application you use to connect your Xiaomi Smart Band 7, such as Mi Fitness or Zepp.

Locating this function is very simple and, as we have mentioned, you have to access the app in question. In the “Device” tab, select the “Vibration”